Kouhai trio Part 2

100 Days of K-ON! - Day 37/100


"I won’t stop moving, and I won’t regret the steps I’ve taken."

When I went to the mall for my birthday yesterday, I met the guy who stunt-doubled for Donatello and played Keno from the first two Ninja Turtle movies. I felt bad because no one really recognized Ernie Reyes, and he had to explain who he was. (That was probably the best part of my pretty boring day.)

Pick two anime characters. One for who you are on the inside (like your personality) and one for who you are on the outside (like your appearance). Don't forget to include their images. And feel free to send this to a fave follower, or someone you follow, because let's admit it: this is kinda fun.

Thank you for the ask! :3

Inside: I don’t know any character who is exactly like me, but I’ll go with Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote.


Her personality is kind of like a comical version of mine. I’m a socially awkward loner who spends most of my time obsessing over anime and playing games. I’m also a closet pervert, not as openly disturbing as her though.

Outside: Of course Azusa would be mentioned somewhere. ^^;


I’m the same size as this petite 4”11 girl, with the same hair/eye color. (But no one can match the perfection of a 2D character.)